Daniel Bircher

Chief Executive Officer

Zurich Airport International Asia

Mr Daniel Bircher is the Chief Executive Officer of Zurich Airport International Asia and is accountable for Zurich Airport’s regional office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Prior to his role as CEO of Zurich Airport International Asia, he was Chief Operations Office at the Aeroporto International de Belo Horizonte (Brazil) being accountable for the operations of Belo Horizonte International Airport.

Mr Daniel Bircher has been Director Operations with Bangalore International Airport (India) and earlier Head of Safety and member of the Zurich Airport Operations Management at Zurich Airport where he was also responsible for liaison with Swiss, European and International regulatory bodies.

Mr Daniel Bircher was a long standing member of the ACI World Safety Technical Standing Committee and Chairman of the ACI World Operational Safety Subcommittee.

Mr Daniel Bircher holds a Master’s degree from University of Zurich and an MBA from University of St.Gallen.

Conference: Conference Agenda
Session: Best Practice and Case Studies “Zurich Airport’s Development as a Smart Airport”
Time: Thursday 05 December 2019, 13:30

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