In talks with... Alicia Silva Villanueva Director and Founder, Revitaliza Consultores

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This month we caught up with advisory board member Alicia Silva Villanueva Director and Founder, Revitaliza Consultores, Ms. Silva is one of the most important figures in sustainable construction in Mexico. Her work has helped accelerate the adoption of LEED certification in Latin America: her team has certified more than 15 buildings while more than 40 are currently undergoing the certification process. These projects include Terminal 4 of the Cancun Airport, the Aerospace laboratory at UACH, and now the new Mexico City Airport.

Which new key innovations do you believe will transform the airport industry?
I consider the user experience to be one of the most important aspects. Being able to use those long waiting hours to make a commercial and training offering completely changes the way you see time wasted at airports. 
The challenge is to understand people of all types, not only those with specific profiles. Services are required for business travelers, families with children, senior citizens and the disabled. Understanding that airports are where people meet, part and spend lots of time thinking because of the long waits involved reveals a potential for offering services that need to be offered.
Why do you support Airport Solutions Mexico?
Looking at airports as the gateways to countries, destinations and meeting points for families and friends, and understanding their role in business trips and all other fields are crucial. This type of events are very important for bringing all the parties involved to the table to enable the industry to evolve together to compete globally with different destinations. Visualizing the economic development potential being offered to Mexico by the construction of the new airport and the potential provided by the building of many more airports with the whole region will foster the country’s development. I know that this support for Airport solutions provides a means of tapping into Mexico’s economic potential through deeper analysis of these projects, as well as of the importance of transport as a form of communication and trade both nationally and internationally.
In your opinion, why are Mexico and the LATAM region particularly important in the development of the airport?
I believe two factors are very important for Mexico and the region:
  1. Mexico’s geographical location is crucial for the connection to Latin America. I believe that the lack of space at the current airport has been terrible for the country’s economy and industrial development; more routes are needed, more connection sites, and Mexico needs to reclaim its primordial place as point of contact.
  2. Creating jobs with the potential there is for increasing them is fundamental for harnessing the country’s potential and supporting its economic development. Latin America has undergone major development in recent years and connection by air is an important factor for this development to continue. Maintaining a standard of competence is crucial for the development of new airports and the improvement of existing ones. Considerations such as the environment and the development of local capacities for the economic and prosperous development of industry are not options but essential tenets. 

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