Conference Agenda

Day 1 moderator: Prof. Dr. Ir. Agus Taufik Mulyono, MT, Chairman, Indonesia Transportation Society

Day 2 moderator: Karina, Senior Representative, IABI

08:50Registration and exhibition visit

09:30Chairman's Opening Remarks: Mr. Iksan Tatang, Executive Chairman, IABI

Moch. Iksan Tatang, Executive Chairman, IABI

09:40Keynote Speech: Reserved for Ministry of Transport, Republic of Indonesia

Creating a competitive connected airport

10:40Panel: Creating your Aerotropolis to increase economic profits, enhance business and gain international prominence

• Expanding independent economic growth and diversifying revenue with airport cities
• Developing a long-term plan with the support of relevant stakeholders
• Using technology to enable new revenue streams and process innovation
• Improving the landside infrastructure; access roads, parking, accommodation


10:50Unlocking Indonesia’s economic growth potential with air connectivity

• Boosting connectivity and tourism in central and eastern Indonesia with new flight routes
• Collaborating with your stakeholders to improve and maintain a positive connectivity position in the global air network
• How to choose the best model to forecast airport demand

11:15VIP Tour and networking break

11:30Financing Indonesia's Airports: Reviewing PPP Models & investor funding to build the remaining 49 airports

• Creating a competitive environment to deliver a return on airport investment
• Identifying the challenge of financing a major airport construction programme

11:50Private & public-sector funding for supporting transport infrastructure to & from the airport

• Project update: Palembang Light Rail Transit
• Reducing road congestion and enhancing connectivity through transport infrastructure


12:20Case Study: Kertajati international airport Aerocity

• Integrating urban planning with transportation infrastructure to create the optimum Aerocity

12:40Networking lunch

Airport Security

13:40Looking beyond airport security

• Changing travellers’ relationship with airport security: Creating a frictionless and convenient experience with biometric documents
• Streamlining operations and improving security with precise and reliable passenger data
• Exploring the biometrics boom; border control, self-boarding, check in, security check points
• Revolutionising the airport with facial recognition


14:00Optimizing and implementing new security screening processes

• Identifying the current issues and considering the next steps in regulation and best practice
• Defining the security, efficiency, and passenger experience KPIs
• Recognizing constraints, opportunities, and electing the best-fit security screening solution
• Implementation and impact assessment of optimized security screening systems

  • Conor Mcmeel | Senior Consultant, Airport Passenger Cargo and Security Consulting | IATA

14:20Promoting industry collaboration to address the growing security threat

• Becoming proactive, staying one step ahead using real-time information
• Building cooperation with operators and airlines
• Implementing strategies to confront the changing, real-time security landscape
• Your terrorism crisis management plan


14:40Developing airside infrastructure

• Improving the efficiency of aircraft movements; aprons, taxiways, airfield lights, and navigation
• Tech updates navigation and visual aids, runways
• Address how airports can optimize runway capacity with meteorological conditions and safety requirements
• Decreasing Runway Occupancy Time (ROT) and increasing capacity with high speed exits


15:00Aligning air traffic plans with route developments and future projects

• Overcoming challenges faced due to the increasing flight frequency in South East Asia
• Integrating flight efficiency software algorithms and machine learning to provide reliable flight projections
• Preparing for ATC growth with innovative technology

15:20Networking break

15:40Improving airport efficiency with Collaborative Decision Making (CDM)

Implementing the operational procedures and automated process required to improve operational efficiency and maximise benefits for all stakeholders
Case Study: Reducing congestion, improving safety and resourcing

16:00Finding the balance between security and speed with biometrics

Exploring the biometrics boom; border control, self-boarding, check in, security check points
Case Study: automated border control technologies
  • Albert Hsie | Regional Business Development Director APAC - Transportation, Tyco Security Products | CEM Systems

16:20Modernizing air traffic automation systems and control centres

Increasing aircraft capacity, reliability and scalability by harnessing the power of ATC tower systems and remote towers
Reviewing the new radar network which has increased air traffic surveillance
Successfully transitioning to a virtual tower: Upgrading your legacy systems, command and control communication links
Evaluating the true cost of digitalization and examining the potential savings

16:40A global perspective to Collaborative Decision Making

Increasing predictability, stabilising traffic flows and reducing runway queues
Exploring the national vision for A-CDM
Creating a culture of collaboration
Efficiently managing delays and harmonising operations by enhancing ANSP, airport, aircraft and ATC data sharing
17:10End of conference

08:50Registration and exhibition visit

09:20Chairman's Opening Remarks

Moch. Iksan Tatang, Executive Chairman, IABI

Airport development and expansion

09:30Solving Indonesia’s infrastructure gap

• Exploring the challenges of developing airports in the Indonesian archipelago
• Finance distribution schemes and government reform updates
• Aligning stakeholders’ expectations


10:00Enhancing passenger experience with innovate airport design

Beijing New Airport case study: Creating a lasting first impression and showcasing your cultural identity
Measuring and transforming  passengers airport experience with design 
Integrating environmental, sustainability, health and wellbeing factors  into the customer journey
10:30Networking break & exhibition visit

11:00Maintaining high sustainable levels of growth while minimizing environmental impact

• Redesigning airport planning to accommodate air traffic growth and environmental responsibilities
• Exploring available renewable energy sources as an alternative sustainable energy
• Case Study: Powering Indonesia’s airports through renewable energy

11:30Panel discussion: Reduce airport downtime with preventive maintenance

• Understanding the value of planning preventive maintenance into the budgeting process
• Identifying the principles for establishing and implementing a preventive maintenance program
• Creating a collaborative environment between airport operations and maintenance

12:00Improving your digital infrastructure to keep up with increased demands

• Establishing your airport network with scalable cloud infrastructure to prepare for the tech explosion
• Developing new and existing tech capabilities in South East Asia’s airports to expand and enhance appeal
• Reviewing the latest technologies to improve operational efficiency blockchain AI, AR, Automation, Chatbots and ML
• Understanding the new drone regulations


12:30Accessibility of Travel & Tourism

Discovering the economic benefits of air travel and tourism for South East Asia
Why LCC’s are investing in airport development: Assessing the impact of experience 
12:50Networking lunch

Airport 4.0

14:00Case Study - New Yogyakarta International Airport

Reduction in passenger service charge
Aiding economy development through improved regulation

14:30Case Study - Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta Airport's digitalization journey

• Identifying the key areas for digital transformation; operations, security and capacity management
• Exploring the possibilities of the Indonesia Airport App with augmented reality and IOT
• Your roadmap to digital success: overcoming implementation challenges


15:00The future of airport analytics: what are the major benefits that better analytics could unlock?

• Harnessing the power of data: using integrated and intelligent networks to sense demand and measure airport performance
• Creating your airport’s journey to data-driven excellence: How BI can improve operational planning
• Improving fuel efficiency, revenue, security and passenger flow with data insights


15:30Understanding your customer and optimising their journey with data driven insights

• Using predictive analytics to target customer’s needs effectively and with profitability
• Analysing the impact of Big Data on the global travel market
• Benefit from consistent understanding of passenger behaviours with real time data driven marketing
• Using data analytics to benefit consumers without impacting privacy
• Partnering with the right technology players; telco, payment, social media platforms
• Implementing big data to reduce airport delays and monitor passenger movements

16:00End of conference

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