Attend Airport Solutions Dubai 2018 and join the airport community for the most comprehensive discussion on Dubai’s and the regions airport and aviation plan.

Meeting the needs of your business

Airport Solutions Dubai 2018 is a must attend event for the airport community as it will focus on the biggest disrupters facing the industry; biometrics, AI, blockchain, robotics, IoT, big data and futurist technologies for the airports of tomorrow.  Meet over 2,000 industry professionals, network with more than 200 high level attendees, listen to over 35 expert speakers and browse products and solutions from this dynamic market.

Attend Airport Solutions Dubai 2018 and discover how our exhibitors can meet the needs of your business.

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“The rapid pace of technological change will allow us to create the airports of tomorrow, today,” “With so much progress and so many options available to operators, it’s imperative that they remain fully aware of the possibilities. Airport Solutions Dubai will provide the ideal platform for these discussions and foster discussions that the industry will clearly benefit from.”

Buti Qurwash, Vice President of Security and Control Authorities at Dubai Airports.